Simply Uncluttered
I am Wendy Picklyk, and I want to help you feel good about your space, because our home is our sanctuary, and it is truly the only space where we feel relaxed and at peace.

Physical clutter causes us to feel overwhelmed, discouraged, and frustrated.  It affects us physically, emotionally and mentally.  Not only do we feel it, but our family, friends, co-workers, and even our pets feel it too.

I am not a professional organizer, I believe you can have a lot of stuff... organize it... but it is still a lot of stuff.  The less you have cluttering up your life, the better.

Think about all the things you really use on a daily basis, it is pretty minimal, so why not remove the rest?

Sometimes we need a little help getting it our home back under control.  Asking for help is hard, but it is the first step in taking control.  That is where I come in.  I have been there, and want to tell you that you can be free from clutter, it just takes time, hard work and patience.

Less is truly more...

Less Clutter, Chaos & Stress = More Space, Time & Freedom